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Lady Hill Hotel, Galle

  Choosing the Lady Hill as our hotel in Galle was an easy mistake to make.  As we were only going to spend one night there we stayed clear from the more expensive old city choices.  After checking out the hotel's website showcasing a decent hotel we took our agent's recommendation and picked Lady Hill.
  Staff Service
  Admittedly the staff did try hard to make us welcome and service was good.  We were greeted with a novelty for Sri Lanka, iced tea.  Tea and wet towels were much appreciated as well as quick transfer of our luggage every time we asked.

  Hotel Location and Ambiance
The hotel is located at the top of a hill, some distance away from both the old city and the vibrant new part of Galle.  Picking Lady Hill means you choose views over being close to anything of interest.  Part of the hotel used to be the Vicarage and a world sets it apart from the newer part which contains the rooms.  The original part is charming and full of character with beautiful wood and stone accents.  A series of ponds containing fish works well aesthetically and probably keep temperatures cooler.  The newer part holding guest accommodations is devoid of any character or charm.  The only elevator available is one that carries food and plates from the ground level kitchen to the roof top bar which does not offer alcoholic drinks.
  Room access was through a set of stairs and despite the four floors no lift was available.  Size was the only merit our room had.  A bad smell, probably stemming from evident water leakage or ventilation problems, would greet us every time we entered.  Ants were crawling about on the walls and the safe was out of order.  The mattresses were uncomfortable to the extreme and the air conditioning struggled to cope, despite outside temperatures not being too high.  Towels were substandard and although they clearly had been washed had an awful odor.
  The bathroom design would probably make Geoffrey Bawa turn in his grave.  Ventilation was non existent and to take a shower you had to fit yourself in a small almost airtight cubicle.  Plenty of hat water was available but this did not save the day.
  Food and Beverage
The beautiful main building restaurant was used only for breakfast which was prepared to order.  Our omelets were de cent and toasted bread with very sweat jams accompanied them.  Fresh fruits were also served.
  We had dinner on the roof top bar/restaurant that has excellent views of the Galle area.  Food and service were very good although you can not have a beer there.  Prices were not cheap but not unreasonable either.
  Facilities and Entertainment
The swimming pool set in the front of the hotel and with a spectacular view was very inviting.  We spend a good part of the afternoon there and our time there was the best during our stay.  A shop selling gems and jewelry is on the premises and although we did not buy anything the gentleman doing business there was very kind and explained a few things to us about his trade.  The hotel claims to have a spa and a tennis court but we did not have a chance to see or test those facilities.
  Our opinion
  Lady Hill Hotel in Galle is all about unfulfilled potential or past glory.