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Taj Airport Garden Hotel

  We were really glad we chose this hotel for our final night in Sri Lanka.  Our day in Colombo was tiring mostly due to the chaos we encountered.  Taking the road towards the capital's airport traffic was maddening and slow.  What on the map looked like a half an hours drive took well over two hours to make.  Not only that but the hotels we saw en route left quite a bit to be desired as accommodation options.
  Staff Service
  Fortunately the Taj Airport Garden Hotel turned out to be a great place to stay.  Service at the hotel was exceptional with everyone being extremely polite and efficient.  This impressed us as we did not expect such service from an airport hotel that obviously has a high turnover of customers.
  Hotel Location and Ambiance
  The location of the hotel is very close to the airport as in the morning it took us less than 10 minutes to get there.  Despite that airplane noise was not a problem during the night.  Supposedly the hotel has some great gardens too but as we got there late and left before dawn can not vouch for that.
  Our room; booked as a triple, was of good size, well equipped and had two double beds so that all four of us had a good night's sleep.  Of note is that this was the only room during our stay in Sri Lanka to have a flat screen TV and also a good choice of satellite program.  To be completely accurate the mini fridge seemed to have a problem and not cool drinks but we did not give this a second thought.
  The room as well as the bathroom were very clean.  Available amenities were of good standard and taking a shower was good experience.  Hot water was plentiful and everything worked fine.
  Food and Beverage
  Dining options were a little limited as only one restaurant was available.  Comparing the buffet style food at the Taj Airport Garden Hotel with the other hotels we used in Sri Lanka the outcome was not favorable.  Food was a little bland, overcooked and not very interesting.  The service was, however, as everywhere else in the hotel very good and we were kept entertained by a trio of musicians.
  Despite checking out before breakfast time and not asking for them, the hotel arranged for us breakfast in a package.  It was just one more very good touch on their part and one that made us leave the hotel with an excellent opinion of it.
  Our opinion
  Four thumbs up.
  Hotel contact details
  Name:  The Gateway Hotel Airport Garden Colombo
  Address:  234-238, Colombo-Negombo Road, Seeduwa, Sri Lanka
  Tel: (94) 11 5 440000
  Fax: (94) 11 2 252953
  Web site: