Travel resources

  We had plenty of time in planning our trip to Sri Lanka.  We started reading up on the destination during the summer and by April next year when we got in Sri Lanka we had gotten intimate with a lot of the attractions and hotels.  In our research we used travel guides, first hand experience of people that had visited Sri Lanka and of course the mother of all knowledge, the world wide web.
  Sri Lanka travel books
  We used two travel guides to help us figure out what we wanted to do in Sri Lanka.  The first was the The Rough Guide to Sri Lanka(third edition) written by Gavin Thomas and published in October 2009 with a newer edition being now available.  The second was Lonely Planet Sri Lanka (Country Guide) published in August 2009.  The Lonely Planet guide has now been updated with an 2012 edition.  Both guidebooks are good but the Rough Guide seemed to hold more information and was our favorite.  The only thing that was slightly maddening about the guide was that the index was not entirely accurate.  Both books are of compact size and not too difficult to carry around.  A third option we did not use is another book, the Bradt Travel Guide to Sri Lanka but by at least one Amazon review it is not up to standard. 
  Word of Mouth
  Every person that we have talked to that had already been to Sri Lanka urged us to visit.  Accounts on how beautiful the country was were accompanied by glorious pictures of stunning scenery and fun things to do.  If you know of people that have been on holiday in Sri Lanka do seek their advice.  Getting the opinion from people that have a similar traveling style and taste to yours is probably the best way to understand a destination.  Special thanks goes to Joel who shared his Sri Lankan experience with us on Facebook and gave us good tips.
  The net
  The amount of information available on the net can sometimes be overwhelming.  Information on Sri Lanka is plentiful and if you can sift through what is out there you can gather enough to make good decisions on where to spend your time and money.  For information on history and background wikipedia can not be beat and you can find links to it from throughout the site.
  Trip advisor's Sri Lanka forum is also a great resource.  The forum is quite active and people are willing to answer questions and help others.  Members there like Hans_DEN, SusieStAustell, DM51 and ErikdR give good advice.  Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree has an informative Sri Lanka branch although it is geared a bit more toward back packers.  Rod_B  gives out solid information there.